How to Create Multiple Streams on Income Offline

How to Create Multiple Streams on Income Offline - Creating multiple streams of income is a very important part of your business.  I'm not telling you to go out and join 5 different companies and build them offline.  What I am suggesting you do is use what you have learned and applied to your online business and use it to create another stream of income offline.

Do you have skills that you have developed that you've used to take your business to the next level?  Do you know people that could use your expertise?

Use networking meetings as a way to meet other local business owners.  Through networking meetings we have been able to grow an offline business with several small businesses here in our area.  We are finding that small businesses are hungry to know how to use the internet to further their businesses.

Most small business owners don't have the time or the skills to create their online ecosystem.  They either need someone to teach them how to do it or they need someone to do it for them.  Be that resource.

Consulting for local small businesses still allows you to own your time.  You decide you who you want to work with and you set the terms.  You are still owning your own time but are creating a multiple stream of income offline.

Creating multiple streams of income offline is a great way to boost your income, continue to hone your skills and also help local small businesses in your community.

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Basic Facebook Tips


I've got a basic Facebook tip for you today.  Watch the video to find out what it is.

But this tip is a big part of relationship building.  One of the keys to a successful network marketing business is to build relationships.  Always put a face behind a name.  Get to know the person you are connecting with.

You'll be amazed at how far that will go.  Ask questions before you act.  Let the person you are connecting with know you care about more than just adding a person to your team or money in your bank account.

Show them you care!

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Not an Easy Blog to Write - Confessions of a Stuck Partner

This isn’t an easy blog to write today.  I have been neglecting my role in our company.  I haven’t been the partner that I committed to being when I started working with Carl last year.  I started off making some pretty deep strides personally which should have propelled me to make strides in learning how to really partner with my husband in our business.  Instead I took the easy way out and did the things that came easy to me, like networking and meeting new people and finding new clients but not learning new skills.

I Let Myself Get Comfortable

But I let myself get comfortable.  I was comfortable letting Carl shoulder the “technical side” of our business instead of learning how to effectively work with him and double our efforts.  What do you do to get back on track?  I’ve been off of the track for quite a while now.  Being off track is a pretty defeating way to live.  It has taken me away from my purpose and calling.  I have left behind the growth that I started to experience last year after I made the decision not to grow in other areas.  I can’t tell you when exactly when I made that decision and I don’t think it was really even a conscious decision.  But it was a decision none the less.  Unconscious decisions have just as much effect positively or negatively as conscious decisions do.


I kept telling myself and others that Carl was the technical side of our business, the one who could do all of the capture pages, the advertising, the seo, etc.  I decided to continue the excuse of being the “newbie” who didn’t know much.  And that it would take so much time for me to learn that I should just stick to what I know.   This next statement has become one of my favorite ways to describe us…”He’s technical and I’m emotional.”   That became so comfortable to me that I decided to wear it every day.  It became a part of me. 

Separate Yourself

It is a part of me that I need to separate myself from right now.  Staying in a stuck position isn’t productive and certainly doesn’t help your business go to the next level.  It doesn’t help the image I carry around of myself.  Because I have not allowed myself to grow in new areas, I have remained stagnant.  Think about how smelly stagnant water is.  It is just an old pool of water that hasn’t had any new water flow in or out of it.  It may have things growing in it, but those things aren’t anything that anyone else would want to be around or even be a part of.  It is just stinky old water.  It has a lot of potential but until something starts flowing in or out….it is always just going to be stinky old green water.


Are you holding yourself hostage which in turn is causing other things to be held hostage?  If you know you have a treasure but you don’t want to let go of that treasure what good is it doing for anyone?  Are you holding your treasure too tightly?  Is it time to let go and free yourself to be everything you can and want to be?


I have decided to free myself from the comfortable place that I have been in for quite a while.  I have decided to grow and learn.  I have decided that it’s finally time to quit living and working through Carl and start working and living beside him.  That what being partners is all about.


It’s time to start over.  Are you going to join me in starting over?  Your life is too full of potential to be stagnant, stinky water.  I am tired of being stinky, stagnant water.  It’s time to be a fresh, flowing stream of water that can impact the lives of those around us and those we haven’t yet come into contact with.   When there is stagnant water around, there is usually not any green and live vegetation around.  Because the water is too dirty to positively impact the plants around it.  Be the clear flowing stream that is fostering growth.


Today is the day I start fresh and start learning.  I’m going back to the basics.  You’ll be seeing me more and more.  More videos, more blogs, and a lot more Facebook posts because I have something to say and I’m going to say it.  No more being comfortable and taking the easy way out.  Success isn’t easy and it doesn’t come over night.  It takes time and it takes skills.  You won’t have success until you learn the skills that you need to help you achieve success!

Here’s to new growth and here’s to a new lifestyle!!  It starts today!

Step 1:  Get the Viral Blogging System

Step 2: Start today!

Step 3: Listen to the 8 Core Commitments and COMMIT!!!

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Ecclesiastes 10:12-13 12 Words from the mouth of the wise are gracious,but fools are consumed by their own lips.

13 At the beginning their words are folly;at the end they are wicked madness

Right now in the Willis household a certain 12 yr old almost 13 yr old girl is learning about words that aren't thought out and gracious are very foolish. While I will not tell her she is a fool....I will tell her that thinking and weighing your words before you speak them will keep her from saying foolish things that will cause arguments that are unnecessary and could have been avoided had the time been taken to think about words, attitudes and actions.

Think about WHAT you saying and HOW you saying it and WHY you are saying it. Are you saying something to someone else (your brother) that is meant to hurt or irritate? If it is, then don't say it at all. That's the lesson in our house this week.

There are so many ways to turn a situation into good by simply looking at the motive behind what you are saying. And then if your motivation is incorrect, change it. It's that simple.

The joys of raising a soon to be teenager daughter....And I mean that in all seriousness. Boys really are different from girls....We have one teenage boy who made it through to adulthood with only one year of grounding in his sophomore year.....we have one more teenage boy who is almost ready to launch into adulthood....we've got a couple more years with him.

And we've got about 6 more years with our soon to be teenage daughter! This is a house that is going to anticipate the good times and all of the training and teaching that will take place when the times threaten to not be so good. We won't have uncontrollable attitudes here. And we won't have monthly issues! We are learning how to take our attitudes that aren't positive and turn them around before they have the opportunity to turn into something!!


Don't miss a teaching opportunity with your kids!  There are so many life lessons that you can teach them if you'll just stop and take the time instead of just simply telling them to "cut it out".

If you are needing encouragement in this here.  Connect with us today!  There's strength in numbers!!

The Mystery of Faith


The Mystery of Faith

Take a few moments to listen to this song.  This is part of our worship on Sunday at our church.  This week we will take time to remember the death, burial and resurrection of Christ.

I was listening to this as I was preparing for our weekly worship team practice and the words of the song spoke to my heart is a tremendous way today.  There is so much that we don't understand about the mystery of faith.

The Mystery of Faith - What We Don't Understand

There is so much that we won't understand until we are face to face with our Creator and Lord.  And at that point, I don't think we will be focused on what we haven't understood on this earth.

There are so many people who don't have an understanding of the mystery of faith but are so hungry for it.  Even in the midst of the storms of life when you don't understand what is going on in your life and why, hold onto to your faith.  We aren't left alone in life.

The Mystery of Faith - The Only One Who Knows

There is a God who sent His only Son to earth to bring life to us.  He never promised us it would be an easy walk or that we would be problem free but He did promise life and life more abundant.  And abundance don't always mean financial.  Some of the most abundant times in my life have been times when it seemed like money was nowhere to be found.  But holding on to the mystery of faith and the hope that I have in Christ made joy and peace abundant in my life.

If you are reading this and are looking for that peace and joy, please connect with us at.....Click here and message us.  Our desire is to lead you to the only One who can give you the hope that we hold onto even in the mystery of faith.

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